5 - 8 OCT, 2017

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Website: http://www.mylangroup.com


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At Mylan Group, your continuous production uptime is our top priority, and we are committed to provide outstanding service & support throughout your product life cycle.
Providing in-depth knowledge and expertise, our customer service technical teams dedicate themselves to finding the best solution for you to maximise your uptime.


Main Products


1. The compact and lightweight VJET series Thermal Inkjet Coder developed with HP TIJ2.5 print head technology and VJET series Piezo Inkjet Printer developed with Konica Minolta KM1024iMHE printhead technology and Digital Printing Inks.
2. AquathermSP1 - Chemical Free CTP Plate, AquaPRO800 - Smart Processor for Eco-Friendly CTP Plate.
3. High Barrier Films for food packaging and pharmaceutical products, Decorative and Solar Control Films.


Exhibit Products